True Detective May 2013

True Detective May 2013


“Crime is my business and I enjoy it. I’ve spent a lifetime stalking villains, searching for missing bodies and talking to killers"

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“Crime is my business and I enjoy it. I’ve spent a lifetime stalking villains, searching for missing bodies and talking to killers, heard their whispered confidences and comforted grief-stricken relatives.” So said Edward J. “Dixie” Dean. But he was neither a policeman nor a private eye. Dixie was a crime news camerman who “shot” more villains through the lens of his cameras than he cared to remember in over half a century in Fleet Street. Some were infamous people who became a macabre part of Britain’s criminal history. Others were hardly known at all, yet their crimes were none the less less callous. During those many years behind the camera there were countless moments to remember, some funny, others poignant, and those which will still send a shiver down your spine. And there is the added personal feeling that he might have contributed to a murder…Turn to page 14 and step back in time for part one of “My Life Among The Murderers,” a crime photographer’s astonishing story in words and pictures.

“I am sorry for the trouble I have caused the Irwin family and especially the little girl,” defendant William Leighton told Londonderry Assizes on July 21st, 1955, after pleading guilty to murder. He was then transferred to Belfast’s Crumlin Road Gaol where he was due to be hanged. So, an open and shut case, then? Well, yes, but with a difference. The case was to open and shut at five separate assizes. And it began with one of the biggest manhunts seen in Northern Ireland. This is a child-killing shocker from Coleraine.

The visiting council dignitaries were all on board the nuclear sub docked at Southampton. They were having a look around at the very moment a member of the sub’s crew came on duty. But the heavily-armed sailor was in no condition to be put in charge of powerful weapon. As well as consuming much alcohol there was murder seething in his heart.

* TD’s Crime Photos/ Prize Competition
* “Why Would I Murder My Husband When I Loved Him So Much?” * Your Letters
* The Man Tried Four Times For Murder
* Questions & Answers: Death Stalks The Fairway
* Under The Spotlight Special Part 1: “My Life Among The Murderers”
* Fatal Rampage Aboard A Nuclear Sub
* Killers Who Will Die In Prison Part 5: Tragic Case of The Hagley Paperboy
* Execution USA
* Make A Break: Crossword
* Crimes That Made The Headlines Part 7: The Stockwell Strangler
* The Verdict Is Yours
Hear The Evidence And You Decide – Was He Guilty Or Not Guilty?
* Like Father, Like Daughter?
* Reader’s Jury

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