True Detective May 2012

True Detective May 2012


It was March 21st, 1975, and 23-year-old Patrick Mackay was sitting on the edge of the bath looking down at the mutilated

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It was March 21st, 1975, and 23-year-old Patrick Mackay was sitting on the edge of the bath looking down at the mutilated face of his latest victim. Father Anthony Crean, a 64-year-old Roman Catholic priest, was still alive. But only just, and he wouldn’t live much longer because Mackay had stabbed him then struck him repeatedly with an axe in the victim’s cottage near Gravesend, Kent. The dispassionate killer later admitted that Crean had annoyed him but he was unable to say why. However, Crean’s murder proved to be just the tip of the iceberg…as an Old Bailey jury would soon discover.

Felicia Tang was getting to the end of her career in the soft porn industry and with a past degree in business administration she was already in training to become a mortgage broker. Then along came the clergyman. He was not only from a completely different background but he was considerably older. However, their relationship was not destined to be a long one for on September 11th, 2009, Felicia’s body was found in her flat in Monrovia, California. She had been suffocated – and her clergyman friend was charged with her murder. So who did murder Felicia?

He was an indiscriminate killer who rose swiftly to become France’s Public Enemy No. 1, and whose ability to evade capture for so long was helped by inter-departmental rivalry in the Paris Police. Nicknamed “Monsieur Emile,” his speciality was holding-up people carrying funds in transit. Yet his wrath fell on innocent victims and gang members alike. “No one is safe from him…He is in love with murder.” Part 8 of our highly-acclaimed series Grisly Tales Of The Guillotine.

Politics and religion excepted, few things have inflamed Irish passions more violently than disputes about land, and in 1882 such a quarrel led to the last public execution at Limerick Prison. A Dying Declaration And A Drunken Jury form part 5 of our series Last Executions In Ireland.

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