True Detective May 1993

True Detective May 1993


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Whether you see the movie or not you must read HOFFA the true incredible story…

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HOFFA – The full incredible story.
Did Jimmy Hoffa have President Kenney and his brother Robert assassinated?

Durham grandparents buried alive.
Victims Thomas and Emily Kirby. They were found lying on top of one another in a shallow grave. In each case the cause of death of was due to asphyxia.

Alive, conscious-Torched!
Naked woman was ravaged, doused with petrol and set on fire. Within seconds she was a screaming fireball!

The red slipper murder.
Young English widow Julia Hawkes – her husband had bequeathed her the money which would cost her life.

Cardiff’s classic modern murder.
The remodelled head gave a name to the body in the carpet.

True crime from the ‘Twenties’
It is hard to imagine anyone being gullible enough to buy a money machine, let alone a successful brothel owner and a Texas sheriff. But Count Lustig was a master and had realised that the con-man’s greatest asset was other people’s greed.

Hull’s Myton Street murder.
August Carlsen was not a violent man. His character was excellent, and there was no arguing that he was as much a victim of Julia as she was of him.

German crime horror.
The lover who never gave up. Andrea Sommer was stabbed 41 times, she had also been bludgeoned with a hammer.

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