True Detective March 2023

True Detective March 2023


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His short life ended in the most brutal fashion at the hands of White Supremacists in Mississippi, yet his killers evaded justice. Today the name of Emmett Till is celebrated; his murder, at the age of 14, in 1955, proved to be a landmark moment. Outrage at the murder trial that followed inspired black activists to take action and gave rise to the civil rights campaigning of subsequent years. A new film, Till, is a bio-pic of the life of Emmett’s mother Mamie, an educator and activist who pursued justice after her son’s murder. Its release coincided with a statue of Emmett going up in Mississippi. Read “The Truth About The Lynching Of Emmett Till” in this issue for the full story.

Where was Myrtle Allen? Had she really run off with a boyfriend, leaving her husband Michael all on his own? When the search parties went out looking for her around their Chester-le-Street, County Durham, neighbourhood, he joined in too. But he was withholding a deadly secret – as you’ll learn in this issue’s “Crimes That Made The Headlines – Prison Warder’s Freezer Hid Wife’s Body Parts”.

A cold-blooded serial killer was on the loose in Texas, but the authorities didn’t seem to realise. His victims were all elderly women – whom he targeted for jewellery – and a series of collective failures led to Billy Chemirmir getting away with murder for far too long. Read all about it in “America’s Most Evil – Did Cops’ Age Bias Help Shield Serial Killer?”

Finally, don’t miss Part Two of “The Hanging That Shamed British Justice”. Accused teenage cop-killer Derek Bentley goes on trial at the Old Bailey. But the proceedings that follow prove hugely controversial.

Highlights this issue include:

* Heidi’s Poison Porridge Plot Nets Her 115 Years

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Prison Warder’s Freezer Hid Wife’s Body Parts

* America’s Most Evil: Did Cops’ Age Bias Help Shield Serial Killer?

* The Hanging That Shamed British Justice – Part 2

* The Truth About The Lynching Of Emmett Till

* Execution USA

* Death In The Line Of Duty: Part 3

* Questions & Answer: Couple Kept Sex Slaves In House Of Torture

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