True Detective March 2019

True Detective March 2019


It’s now 30 years since US serial killer Theodore “Ted” Bundy’s story ended in the electric chair in Florida…


It’s now 30 years since US serial killer Theodore “Ted” Bundy’s story ended in the electric chair in Florida, yet interest in the notorious kidnapper, rapist and necrophile remains undimmed.  To mark the anniversary of Bundy’s demise, on January 24th, 1989, Netflix is showing a new documentary series, Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, based on Death Row interviews the charismatic monster gave with writers Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth. It should be a fascinating watch and offer some insight into the workings of the depraved killer’s disturbed mind. In Under The Spotlight, we focus on the catalogue of killings that put Bundy on Death Row and the 42-year-old’s execution in the sunshine state. Don’t miss it.

Bundy was dead before the internet age began, but it’s easy to imagine him, had he still been alive and free, exploiting its reach for his nefarious activities. Con-man-turned-serial killer John Edward Robinson certainly saw its potential. He was trawling the web from the early days, and by the beginning of the 1990s was using it to lure victims to sado-masochistic sex sessions which ended with their deaths. Turn to America’s Most Evil – Horrors Of The Internet Slavemaster, for the full story. And we report on the recent Death Row suicide of Andrew Urdiales (who featured in America’s Most Evil in December 2018) in Execution.

Closer to home, part three of Hanged at Liverpool, on page 17, features a further nine intriguing cases, including a full account of the mystery of a body found in a canal on St. Valentine’s Day…

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  • Your Letters/More of your views
  • Under The Spotlight: Ted Bundy’s Execution
  • Hanged At Liverpool – Part 3
  • Irishman On A Mission To Murder A Teenager
  • America’s Most Evil: Horrors Of The Internet Slavemaster
  • Hanged In Australia: From The French Resistance…To The Gallows At Fremantle
  • River Of Blood: The Body At Sonning Lock
  • Questions & Answers: Hail Of Bullets In Cheshire Street
  • Execution USA


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