True Detective March 2016

True Detective March 2016


Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare the new Fred and Rose


The notorious serial killers Fred and Rose West horrified the nation in 1994 when the full extent of their depravity emerged from the cellar of their 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester, home. Then in 2015, a killer Bristol couple with a similarly depraved outlook on life and death made headlines over the murder and dismemberment of a teenage girl. Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare had only one victim, Matthews’ 16-year-old stepsister Becky Watts, compared with the Wests’ numerous victims, but both couples were inspired by twisted, sex-driven fantasies, each condoned deviant tastes and behaviours, and both considered their victims to be an inconvenience. “It seems they were living in their own little world. They lived by a completely different set of values,” commented a professor of criminology of the Bristol pair. Make up your own mind about Matthews and Ms. Hoare by turning and Becky’s Killers Are The “New Fred And Rose West.”

In this month’s Commonwealth Of Killing, Would They Hang The Policeman’s Murderer? on page 35, a trigger-happy young man falls out with his father – with devastating consequences. Western Australia’s biggest-ever manhunt ensued; and the nation watched in fascinated horror as the news cameras descended on the scene…
Infamous killer John George Haigh might be assured of his place in British criminal history, but was he insane or simply cold-blooded? This month’s Crimes That Made The Headlines, Crawley’s Acid Bath Murderer, attempts to shed light on that question. Don’t miss it.

Finally, make sure not to miss this month’s special offer. We’re offering a free copy of the acclaimed biography Harry Allen: Britain’s Last Hangman by Stewart McLaughlin to every reader.

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  • Becky’s Killers Are The “New Fred And Rose West”
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  • Make A Break: Wordsearch
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  • The Early Cases Of Ann Rule: She Saw His Murder Under Hypnosis
  • Ireland’s Road Map To Murder: Ten Cases From County Leitrim
  • Cruel Wife-Killer Confesses To Priest
  • Hanged For Murder: Condemned To Die…But Could This Man Have Committed the Crime?
  • Commonwealth Of Killing: Would They Hang The Policeman’s Murderer?
  • Questions & Answers: Hollywood’s Full Moon Psychopath
  • Execution USA
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