True Detective March 2015

True Detective March 2015


The schoolboy who made history for the most dubious of reasons when he murdered his Spanish teacher…

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‘‘The defendant was a full foot taller and was armed with a large kitchen knife. To describe his attack as cowardly hardly does it justice. Mrs. Maguire fled, but William Cornick pursued her, stabbing her as she sought to escape him…”

So said Mr. Justice Coulson during the trial of Will Cornick (right), the schoolboy who made history for the most dubious of reasons when he murdered his Spanish teacher Ann Maguire at Corpus Christi Catholic College, Leeds, in April 2014. It was a shocking crime, the first murder of a teacher in a British school, and in Murder In The Classroom we consider how the events unfolded – and ponder the questions raised by the transformation of a previously polite, intelligent pupil into a remorseless killer.

In Bournemouth’s Love Affair That Led to Murder, this month’s Crimes That Made The Headlines, we take a major new look at a case that scandalised 30s Britain. The illicit love affair between the sex-hungry, wealthy and married Alma Rattenbury, wife of an eminent Canadian architect, and her teenage servant/chauffeur George Stoner, preceded a brutal murder, a trial that transfixed the nation and a painfully tragic suicide. Much has been written about the murder at the Villa Madeira; and it has inspired books, television programmes and a play. Don’t miss it.

Caryl Chessman (right) was an habitual armed robber. But when this American crook of the 40s took a robbery victim yards away to his car, in the eyes of the authorities he had become a kidnapper too and ended up on Death Row. For the next dozen years, from his cell in San Quentin Prison, as one appeal after another was dismissed, this intelligent wrong-doer wrote books including Cell 2455, Death Row, becoming a spokesman and figurehead for the anti-capital punishment movement in the US. Such was Chessman’s high-profile status that stars including Marlon Brando, Steve Allen and Shirley MacLaine all pleaded with California’s governor for clemency. And they were far from alone. Chessman’s fascinating story is recounted in 12-Year Wait For The Gas Chamber.
Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

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