True Detective March 2014

True Detective March 2014


It was a cleverly worded advert, and for the 100 or so men who applied, it seemed too good to be true

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It was a cleverly worded advert, and for the 100 or so men who applied, it seemed too good to be true. How could anyone resist the image of the modern-day cowboy galloping across open country in the shadow of the Appalachian Mountains? It was an iconic American fantasy designed to ensnare anyone with a modicum of DIY and cattle skills. However, three men paid for this dream with their lives and a fourth barely escaped with his life – all victims of a killer who specialised in pretending to be nice…Don’t miss Murder Down On The Farm.

To their neighbours in the town of Cairns on Australia’s Gold Coast, Klaus Andres and his Chinese-born wife Li Ping Cao seemed to have been arguing constantly in the days leading up to Hallowe’en 2011. It was unclear what they had been arguing about but by the end of the month not only had their marriage broken down but Andres viewed Li Ping as an impediment. So, how to solve the problem? In fairness, Andres may not have initially planned to kill Li Ping, but he responded very pragmatically to her sudden death and decided to make it look as though she had simply run away, as you will discover in The Terrible Crime Of Australia’s “Acid Man”

“As terrible a crime as anyone described as a human being could commit,” was the prosecutor’s description of what happened in the village of Rochestown, County Kilkenny, Ireland, early in the evening of Saturday, April 21st, 1923. The Lord Chief Justice weighed in by wholeheartedly agreeing with the jury before donning the black cap.

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* Murder down on the farm
* Under The Spotlight: Bad blood – The Bordens of fall river
* Crimes That Made The Headlines – Part 17: Madman on a mission to kill
* Shocking affair of the unwanted mistress
* Partners In Crime – And Death – Part 2: What the soldiers did to Mabel
* Execution USA
* Ireland’s horror of the burnt baby
* Living With The Dead: A jigsaw puzzle of bodies
* Questions & Answers: “Why I killed my husband”
* America’s Most Evil: Highway to the death house
* Terrible crime of Australia’s “acid man”
* Plus TD’s Crime Photos/Prize Competition/ Your Letters/ Make A Break: Crossword and much more inside…

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