True Detective March 2012


When prison officers at Frankland Prison in County Durham finally caught up with and subdued lifer Damien Fowkes

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Fatima Kama, 28, was said to live her life like Holly Golightly, the fictional character played by Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast At Tiffany’s. But unlike the movie, Fatima’s story was not destined for a happy ending. For in July 1999 her corpse was found by security staff crammed into a large suitcase in a car park at Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport.

He was well aware that his trial would be merely a ritual; that the vengeance-seekers would have their day in court. When that day arrived in April 1957 it was obvious that Jacques Fesch was a vastly different man from the one who had gunned down Officer Vergne. It was also blatantly obvious that few people in France cared about this metamorphosis even though Fesch could be on the verge of sainthood…Part six of Grisly Tales Of The Guillotine

* “I Wish I’d Killed Ian Huntley”
* Under The Spotlight: Scenes Of Murder Then And Now
* Why The Sex Threesome Became Two
* The World’s Worst Killers
* Last Executions In Ireland Part 3: The Lustful Crime Of William Scanlan
* Crime Observer
* Questions & Answers: Killing Her “Wasn’t Worth It”
* Grisly Tales Of The Guillotine Part 6: Did They Execute A Saint?
* Execution USA
* When Two Mad Men Made Criminal History
* America’s Most Evil: Terrible Torture On Ryan’s Ranch
* No Show Time For Son Who Killed His Mother
* Readers’ Jury
* Twelve Years To Catch The Body-In-The-Suitcase Killer
* The Drowning Of A Nightwatchman
* Grisly Tales Of The Guillotine: “That’s Not A Log On Fire”
* Take A Break: Crossword
* Facebook Feud Turns Fatal
* The Married “Witness” And A Game Of Murder
* “I Hope She Dies…She Stole My Man”
* Your Letters / More of your views / Take A Break: Crossword

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