True Detective March 2010

True Detective March 2010


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Happy birthday to us! Sixty years ago this month, this magazine first went on sale in UK newsagents. As the British edition of the well-established American True Detective, it was full of (mostly American) cases that most people in Britain had never been able to read about. Over the years, of course, TD has come to focus on British cases too. And it has become known as the home of the very best in true crime stories, anywhere in the world – eclipsing even its American parent, which closed down in the 1990s.

We’d like to tell you more about what was in that pioneering first issue, all those years ago – but we can’t. That’s one issue even we don’t have a copy of. We can, though, show you what it looked like, courtesy of the British Library.

And if it looks familiar, could that be because you still have a copy tucked away somewhere safe after all these years? If so, that could make you our longest-serving reader – and it could also make you £500 better off! To see whether YOU are eligible to claim our £500 reward, see the back page of our special “Six Decades Of Murder” pull-out in the centre of this issue.

But don’t let it distract you too much from the rest of this bumper issue, which is packed, as ever, with astonishing, unputdownable true crime stories and truly remarkable pictures. Which is how we plan to keep it for the next 60 years!

* TD’s Crime Photos/
* Prize Competition
* 15-Year-Old Is A Cold-Blooded Murderess
* Your Letters
* Reservoir Dogs Killer Gets Life
* America’s Most Evil: “I Just Had To Kill”
* Readers’ Jury
* Under The Spotlight: Inside The Murder Scene At Bordon Army Camp
* Classic Irish Murder Cases: Tragedy On The Carrowroe Road
* The World’s Worst Killers
* Mary’s Love For The Priest Meant Murder
* The Spilsbury Secrets Part 10: The Plot To Murder
The Prime Minister
* Women In Crime Part 4: One Man’s Meat…
* Execution USA
* Crime Observer
* Duffy’s Plea From Durham Jail
* Hanged At Strangeways Part 10
* Questions & Answers: Who Killed Superman?

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