True Detective March 2009

True Detective March 2009


According to friends, Christopher Foster adored his family

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According to friends, Christopher Foster adored his family. He was apparently forever seen laughing and joking with them while watching TV, and so on. In fact, he adored them right up until the night he murdered them. On that day – August 26th, 2008 – he returned from a neighbour’s barbecue to his mansion in Maesbrook, Shropshire, and meticulously destroyed everything he owned. That included his wife Jill and teenage daughter Kirstie. He then shot the horses and dogs, flooded his home with oil, set everything on fire and shot himself. Why?

For the few residents of the picturesque Cornish village of Chapel Amble, April 2002 was a month they would prefer to forget. It was the month they had a murder in the parish, the first violent crime there in over 800 years. Les Bate spent the last evening of his life in his local pub before delivering himself into the hands of his killer. So, do you hold the key that could help solve this modern murder mystery?

Lord Goddard was the most revered judge of his day, and it was thought he could do no wrong. But did he? In a summing-up which virtually directed the jury to convict Derek Bentley of murder he was responsible for the mistrial of the century. Read the first of a three-part account of the trial where we invite you to consider the evidence for yourself.

* TD’s Crime Photos/Prize Competition
* The Maesbrook Murders
* The Handyman Who Staged A Star’s Suicide
* Your Letters
* Murder In The Village Part 4: From Cornwall – The Mystery Of Chapel Amble
* Fatal Affairs Part 17: Secret Of The Catwalk
* Notable British Trials
* The Astonishing Trial Of Craig And Bentley
* The World’s Worst Killers
* From Manchester: Two Prostitutes Murdered On Johnnie’s Night Out
* Execution USA
* Crime Observer
* From Nottingham: Murder Of A Playboy
* Readers’ Jury
* Under The Spotlight: Positively Identified: The Guns Used In the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
* Questions &Answers: The Man Who Tried To Blow Up Greenwich Observatory
* Capturing Indiana’s Fiend Slayer
* Constable Basil Stroup, as told to Everett R. Holles
* The Paedophile Who Went To School

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