True Detective March 1992


British crime classic: Sarah Dazely Bedfordshire’s husband killer Blind fury the woman who murdered her lovel rival. Yorkshire’s tragic case

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Blind fury: The woman who murdered her rival in love.
Glowing with happiness, the new Mrs. Smith had no idea of the resentment and anger which was festering in Yvonne Sleightholme’s mind. Even if she had, it would probably have made no difference. Many weddings mean a broken heart or two – dashed hopes and shattered dreams. But most people put it all behind them for the sake of decency and peace of mind. Yvonne could not get to grips with any such finer feelings – she felt she had been ‘done out’ of her rightful place at the altar, and seven months later she would exact her price with a rifle.

From Amarillo, Texas the gang raped girl was alive and thrashing when they cut her head off!

Bi-sexual thrill-killer was a mutilation freak! Ricky Green is unusual for a serial killer in that he had a partner in his sadistic escapades. He would certainly have gone on killing if his mistreated girlfriend hand’t informed on him.

A martyr to the cause – who murdered Myrtle Cook? But what cause? Bootleggers, whom she openly opposed as a leading member of the women’s temperance union, or the Ku Klux Klan, another organisation in which she held high office?

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