True Detective March 1990


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Horror of the mass graves on murder ranch!

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We tell the story that stunned the world in its entirety with no holds barred, no punches pulled. Read it and be shaken to the core by the fact that superstition and devil worship is still rampant and that Satan still lives as long as there are those who believe in him. Sara Aldrete, was a woman leading a double life, one as a model student and fine athlete; the other as a harpy who lured possibly hundreds of unsuspecting tourists to their deaths as sacrifices to Satan. There was plenty of money to be made out of conjuring up the Devil, for all the followers were kept faithful by terror. Who would dare to cross such a siren and invite the horrors of hell to descent upon them?

Loss of reason on a grand scale, is of course, nothing new. Hitler whipped up the minor fears and prejudices inherent in people, channelling them into the shameless persecution of a large minority of their own society. The first part of The Lynching Of Leo Frank shows just how easy it is for justice and reason to break down, and how terrifying the politics of envy can be. Leo Frank was just one small time businessman in the Deep South, trying to make a go of it. But the local justice put no curbs on the bigotry of the populace – with very tragic results!

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