True Detective March 1988

True Detective March 1988


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Horrible homicides from Ilkley, Leeds, Walton, Swinton and Halifax Could you of solved the incredible Judith Penley Contract murder?

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Yorkshire Murders by Brian Marriner
Swinton policeman gunned down in deadly ambush
Walton’s grisly body in the pitshaft
Old Ernest was murdered for just £14.00
Horribly mutilated body found in Leeds street

The Near Perfect Murder
The brutal murder was right out of the movies. The victim had been stabbed more than a hundred times and although the case would eventually be solved, the horror of it lives on…

Birmingham Horror
Naked body hung from balcony.

Could You Have Solved The Incredible Judith Penley Contract Murder?
True Detective readers are invited to become detectives and see if they can solve this case with only facts that police had before them.

The Hunters And The Hunted
Richard and Eugene Lindsey and Fred Claar went to Canada on a bear hunt…but only a few bones ever returned.

West German Murder Conspiracy
"Go and kill him and I will be yours alone!"

The Slain Sweethearts Were Stacked Like Logs!
From Turk Ryder, Lompoc, California, 1985.

Sisters of Death
Trigger woman psyched herself up for murder with horror video!

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