True Detective June 2022

True Detective June 2022


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Can a convicted killer be trusted? That’s a question the family of murdered Muriel McKay had to ask themselves recently. when police began a search for the remains of Mrs. McKay at a farm in Hertfordshire – 53 years after she disappeared. The Australian wife of newspaper executive Alick McKay was abducted from her Wimbledon home on December 29th, 1969. She was never seen alive again, and in 1970 two Trinidadian brothers, Arthur and Nizamodeen Hosein, were convicted of her murder. Mrs. McKay’s long-suffering family recently made contact with Nizamodeen Hosein in a bid to find out the truth about what happened to her and, if possible, give her a funeral and proper resting place. Read “Crimes That Made The Headlines – Will We Soon Know The Truth About Muriel’s Murder?” in this issue for the full story.

The wheels of justice can turn slowly at the best of times. But when a husband accused of killing his wife disappears on the eve of a final hearing, the drama has taken a new twist altogether. That was the story involving murder accused Peter Chadwick. Don’t miss “British Wife-Killer Nailed After Years On the Run”.

Police are told to expect the unexpected – and Stewart Weldon certainly gave them more than they had bargained for. See “America’s Most Evil – Bodies In The Basement, In The Shed, In The Garage” for the full story.

Highlights this issue include:

* British Wife-Killer Nailed After Years On The Run

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Will We Soon Know The Truth About Muriel’s Murder?

* America’s Most Evil: Bodies In The Basement, In The Shed, In The Garage…

* Hanged In Wales: Sex-Murder Of A 76-Year-Old

* Canning Town Killer With Two Women In The Freeze

* “I Did Not Poison My Husband

* Hanged In Australia: Why Lucretia And Her Lover Were Hanged – And Decapitated

* Execution USA

* Questions & Answers: Music Teacher Was A Sex Beast

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