True Detective June 2014

True Detective June 2014


Joanna Dennehy phoned her seven-foot-three admirer to sing him Britney Spears’s hit “Oops, I Did It Again!

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Having committed her third murder – the last two in a single day – Joanna Dennehy phoned her seven-foot-three admirer to sing him Britney Spears’s hit “Oops, I Did
It Again!” Does all this sound a bit far-fetched for a 31-year-old mother of two from Peterborough? Well read on, for “attempted murder was nothing,” Joanna told police officers at her booking at Hereford police station. “It’s like going down for a Sunday roast – easy,” she added. “Am I suicidal? No. Am I cheery now? Yes. Would you be cheery if you were up for attempted murder and murder? No. But I’m still smiling. It could be worse. I could be big, fat and ugly.” See over the page for the complete series of events that made Joanna Dennehy only the third woman in Britain to receive a whole-life sentence.

Together with his wife Valmae, Barrie Watts had been on a mission all afternoon. Just like Britain’s notorious serial killers Fred and Rose West, Barrie and Valmae wanted to find a young virgin – one aged about 13 would do them…turn to page 32 for Australia’s Fred And Rose and the couple who were to become perhaps Queensland’s most notorious killers.
Dublin cabbie James Smith was worried. On January 28th, 1924, there was still an air of tension in the city in the aftermath of the Irish Civil War, and he didn’t like the look of the two fares awaiting him outside the Ormonde Hotel. Both men wore trenchcoats and grey caps, one had a briefcase, and they wanted to go to a sleepy little town in County Wicklow, 35 miles away.

They met at Heathrow Airport and boarded a plane to Cairo where they were to see their sons for the last time. United in their grief, the three women spent their first night in Egypt praying for their soldier sons, who had embarked on a jaunt that was to have grave consequences.

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* Your Letters
* “I Watched My Son Die”
* The Baltinglass Bank Robbery Murder
* Questions & Answers: In Bed – A Husband Confesses To Murder
* Crimes That Made The Headlines Part 20:Did “The Establishment” Murder Stephen Ward?
* Australia’s Fred And Rose
* Partners In Crime – And Death – Part 4: Three Soldiers Hanged In Egypt
* Execution USA
* Double-Murder At The Country Club
* Questions & Answers 2: 90 Years Of True Detective
* Make A Break: Crossword

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