True Detective June 1993


Why Moors murdered Ian Brady is unhappy… Gerald and Charlene Gallego – the couple who slay together… Devon’s murderous kidnapper Keith Rose pumped six bullets into tycoon’s wife Juliet Rowe

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Class-conscious Britain has always associated crime – with the possible esception of large-scale fraud – as very much a lower class occupation. This is also true of America. Yet we have three stories in this issue – two British and one American – which make a mockery of that idea. Our first story is the case of an ex-public shoolboy who got away with murder for eight years. Then he got greedy and put an even bigger plan into action – and the law began to close in on Keith Rose…

‘The Skeleton In The Pool’ is a remarkable mystery – in fact we are hoping readers may be able to help us out with it. Upper-class people were involved – which is why it is still a mystery.

By far the most horrifying case, however, is that of Charlene and Gerald Gallego – a married couple who murdered for sexual thrills. Charlene was the indulged daughter of wealthy parents. She was well educated and highly intelligent – she had a near genious IQ. Then she met macho-man Gerald Gallego – a guy from the wrong side of the tracks, and from a long line of criminals. He wasn’t about to let his family history down by going straight just because he had married Charlene – and Charlene had no intention of letting him! She had known from the beginning that he had convictions for sexual deviancy – but they were nothing compared to what she had in mind…Remorseless and cunning. Charlene moulded her inadequate husband into one of the worst criminal monsters of our time. He could never have done it without her.

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