True Detective July 2021


In the early 1970s, the Monmouthshire town of Blaenavon was shocked by the brutal killing of drinking buddies Isaac Hughes and James Waite. An Easter Monday night out together at the local pub, The Rifleman’s Arms, preceded their sudden demise at the hands of an unknown perpetrator. What possible motive could the killer have had for ending the lives of two harmless and well-liked friends, aged 70 and 50, respectively? As the 50th anniversary of the double-murder approaches, the suspicion remains that the killer was a local man. Perhaps there is someone out there who can help to finally crack this unsolved case. Read this issue’s “Crimes That Made The Headlines – Double-Murder Mystery At Rifle Green” for the full story.

Motive is another perplexing issue in this month’s “America’s Most Evil – Father And Son Sentenced To Death For Bank Bomb Plot”. Were Oregon pair Bruce and Joshua Turnidge making an anti-government protest by setting up an explosive device? Or were they planning a bizarre robbery? Either way, the consequences of their reckless actions were horrific…

Finally, to the Ireland of a century ago for “Two Cop-Killers And A Killer Cop” – a fascinating window onto an earlier phase of a conflict that just won’t go away.

Highlights this issue include:

* A Dying Man’s Murder Confession

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Double-Murder Mystery At Rifle Green

* America’s Most Evil: Father And Son Sentenced To Death For Bank Bomb Plot

* Wandsworth’s Days Of Hanging, Part 10

* Two Cop-Killers – And A Killer Cop

* Questions & Answers: Which Brother Would Die For Louise’s Murder?

* Hanged In Australia: Bloodbath At The Windsor Castle

* Cleared of Murder – By The Clicking Clock

* Execution USA

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