True Detective July 2018

True Detective July 2018


“I put the head in a pot, popped the lid on and lit the stove…


“I put the head in a pot, popped the lid on and lit the stove. When the head was coming to the boil I turned the pot down to simmer, then I took the dog out for a walk…Later I watched TV as the head was simmering.” So said the remorseless Dennis Nilsen, Britain’s second-worst-ever serial killer, after being captured by police in 1983, and confessing to a spree of “15 or 16” killings over five years. Scottish-born Nilsen, who died behind bars in May this year, aged 72, was a compulsive killer. His victims were mostly vulnerable men and boys whom he lured to two rented London properties. The case was major news back in the 80s and our series Crimes That Made The Headlines provides the perfect opportunity to revisit the case. Nilsen – The Full, Horrific Story, for Brian Marriner’s astonishing account.

Salesman-turned-serial killer Salvatore Perrone had once dreamed of making it big in the world of wholesale clothing but financial problems had blunted his ambitions. In 2012, he sought a deadly, warped revenge. New Yorker Perrone, dubbed Son of Sal by those with memories of 70s serial killer Son of Sam, is the subject of this month’s America’s Most Evil. “You’re lucky we don’t have the death penalty here in New York. You would be a prime candidate,” the captured killer was told by the judge.

Arkansas, of course, still executes its worst killers – as it did in the 40s after Eldon Chitwood shot dead Raymond Morris at a Mena drugstore. Chitwood went on to plead to Morris’s widow Clara for clemency, but she insisted that the sentence be carried out. Would you? Turn to “I Saw My Husband’s Killer Die In The Electric Chair,” for Clara’s fascinating first-hand account.

Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

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