True Detective July 2017

True Detective July 2017


In 2008, news reports about Austrian father from hell Josef Fritzl stunned all those who read them…


In 2008, news reports about Austrian father from hell Josef Fritzl stunned all those who read them. He was the monster who incarcerated his daughter Elisabeth for 24 years from 1984 in the basement of his Amstetten home, raping her thousands of times and fathering seven children by her. Now, it seems, Britain has unearthed an equally depraved and despicable figure to compare with the “Satan of the Cellar.” Paedophile and violent sexual predator Michael Dunn preyed upon vulnerable girls and women for decades and, like Fritzl, hid one victim from the authorities for years. Look for Inside The Homes Of Michael Dunn…“Britain’s Josef Fritzl” for the full story.

Betty’s Bedroom Shooting Spree, one of this month’s Questions & Answers, takes us back to 1989 when newlyweds Dan and Linda Broderick were shot dead in their San Diego marital bed – just seven months after their wedding – by wealthy lawyer Dan’s ex-wife Betty. Was it murder? Not according to the shooter, who claimed that she was the victim and her actions were self-defence against the “weapon” of the legal system.

Finally, in Crimes That Made The Headlines – Bombs, Bullets, Knives And Murder Plots…we take a look back at the extraordinary events of April 1984 when the rural Cotswold village of Horton was shaken to its core by murderous local farmer Graham Backhouse.

Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

  • TD’s Crime Photos/Prize Competition
  • Inside The Horror Homes Of Michael Dunn… “Britain’s Josef Fritzl”
  • Teen Zombie Killer Who Murdered His Family
  • Under The Spotlight: Ireland’s Joyce Family Massacre
  • Questions & Answers 1: Betty’s Bedroom Shooting Spree
  • Your Letters – More of your views
  • Crimes That Made The Headlines: Bombs, Bullets, Knives And Murder Plots…
  • Make A Break: Wordsearch
  • Hanged In Australia Two Cops Shot, Mutilated And Burned For Gold
  • Execution USA
  • The Memorable Trials Of Norman Birkett – Brighton’s “Wife In A Box” Murder Case
  • 96 Years Of Executions In Britain And Ireland – Part Seven
  • Questions & Answers 2:
    Will Gerard’s Cold-Blooded Killer Ever Be Caught?
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