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Accidentally falling pregnant once may be a mistake, but falling pregnant five times must be a pathological condition…

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Accidentally falling pregnant once may be a mistake, but falling pregnant five times must be a pathological condition. Whether her motive will ever be fully understood is anyone’s guess, but the fact remains that her covering up the truth has devastated the people nearest and dearest to her. The sensational case that gripped the whole of Sydney, Australia, in 2010.

Eighteen-year-old Harold Bedder had a problem. He wanted sex but he couldn’t get an erection. He was by no means the only youth with this disability, but in two respects his case was unique. For it put him in the death cell at Leicester Prison and it exercised the minds of five law lords…

On that “historic” Friday afternoon in October 2001, hundreds of detectives along America’s Pacific seaboard were hoping against hope that the curtain was finally about to drop on the murder saga that had spanned more than 20 years. For on that day Gary Leon Ridgway was arrested. Truck painter Ridgway had admitted more confirmed murders than any other American serial killer before him, adding that he had targeted prostitutes because they were easy to pick up without being noticed – and he hated them.

For most children an uncle is a kind figure, a warm and friendly part of their life. But the uncle of one four-year-old was pure evil and she would provide the vital piece of evidence against him.

* TD’s Crime Photos/Prize Competition
* They Were Gassed As They Slept
* Your Letters More of your views
* From Leicester: The Prostitute And The Impotent Teenager
* From Australia: Keli Lane’s Murderous Secret
* Death In The Line Of Duty – Conclusion To Series
* The Evil Uncle Greg
* Under The Spotlight: Australia’s Backpack Murderer Martin Lomax
* Murder At The Pub Part 6: Soho Killing Of The “Lion Tamer”
* America’s Most Evil: The Green River Killer John Sanders
* Questions & Answers: Wife Killing On The Bradford Line
* Readers’ Jury
* Part 12 – Danger Women: Jenni Hofmann, A Nazi Plot And The Dundee Postman
* Execution USA
* Take A Break: Crossword
* Daughter Helped Dad Bury Mom’s Body

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