True Detective July 1993


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That mothers do occasionally kill their newborn babies – spurred on by depression as a result of abrupt hormonal changes, has long been recognised. Yet five years after the Infanticide Act was made law, Mr. Justice Porter ruled that the Act should not apply to Lydia Binks, a woman with a mental age of 13. If you were the judge with that case before you, would you have been adamant that she should be tried on a capital murder charge?

A hundred years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Koppe took delivery of a trunk, believing it to belong to their neice who was due to visit them. Days later, when the niece failed to arrive, they opened the trunk and found her inside. This dramatic case by Tom O’Dwyer, tells of the capture of a wily killer by an astute private detective, who succeeded where police failed.

Nurses who murder patients are rare but not unheard of. These so called "death angles" aim for elderly or very young victims – and they rarely stop at just one. Mostly, nurses who kill are female. But male nurse Brian Rosenfield has broken the pattern – leading to a disquieting case history. How many did he really kill? And how many other nurses are quiety lessening on over-heavy workload?

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