True Detective July 1992

True Detective July 1992


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Reading Murder… Led To The Trial Of Philip Yale Drew.

University of Iowa
Campus carnage – 15 minute rampage leaves five dead.

The patient lay in Ward F, an armed police officer guarding the door. But nothing would stop this killer from exacting his bloody revenge.

Modern Murder Shocker
Family of 3 massacred with a sledgehammer.

Two cases 42-Years Apart
Prophetic murder at Fulwood Barracks.

Twin Horror Of Axtel Ridge
Maude Collins, elected sheriff following her husband’s death, was soon faced with two brutal murders…And here, in her own words, is how she solved them…

Four Slaughtered By Trigger-Happy Raiders
Not one of the patrons or staff at the bar offered the raiders any resistance when they demanded money. Everyone meekly obeyed the command to put their money and valuables out on the bar. They did so slowly, so as not to panic the gunmen. Then the massacre began. One of the raiders started pumping bullets, and he couldn’t stop himself until the place was awash with blood…

Why Was the Workaholic Asian Stabbed to Death?
Anaheim, California. Anand Sarup Dewan stayed on late at the fast-food restaurant – and was stabbed to death by a violent intruder.

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