True Detective January 2023

True Detective January 2023


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Britain’s police officers have come in for much criticism over the years – and, in recent times, appalling incidents of law-breaking and even murder have brought shame upon certain forces such as The Met. Yet despite these controversies, public criticism and understandably high levels of public disquiet, a fundamental, undeniable truth remains: that officers put themselves on the front line for the communities they serve every single day of the year – and, now and again, they pay for that dedication with their lives. Between 1900 and 2022, across England, Scotland and Wales, a total of 144 officers were killed while doing their job. In “Death In The Line Of Duty”, a new series starting in this issue, we shall be reporting each of those fatal incidents, starting with their first 11.

Mother-of-two Renee MacRae thought she was about to begin a new life with her secret married lover in November 1976. Instead, she and her three-year-old son Andrew were murdered and their bodies hidden. Now, 80-year-old William “Bill” MacDowell is behind bars for their murder. Read this issue’s “Crimes That Made The Headlines” – “Scotland’s Greatest Murder Mystery – Solved At Last” for the full story.

And in the powerful “Voice From Beyond The Grave” the extraordinary recorded testimony of murder victim Judy Malinowski is used in a Ohio court in a bid to bring her killer to justice. Don’t miss it.

Highlights this issue include:

* Voice From Beyond The Grave

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: “Scotland’s Greatest Murder Mystery” – Solved At Last

* America’s Most Evil: Child-Selling Monster Executed

* The Man Who Should Have Been Executed Twice

* Death At The Shannon Scheme

* New Series: Death In The Line Of Duty: Part 1

* Hanged In Australia: A Deadly Horseman Came Riding By

* Questions & Answers: Would They Hang The Depraved Killer From Derry?

* Execution USA

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