True Detective January 2020

True Detective January 2020


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“She was fighting for her life and I was fighting for my pleasure. I told her I owned her. That she was mine forever. She cried, and I kissed the tears from her face. All I ever wanted was for them to cry in my arms. I wanted their helplessness.”

So said the American serial killer Samuel Little in graphically recalling his murder of mother-of-four Denise Brothers. Little, whom the FBI believe to be the most-prolific-ever Stateside killer, preyed on vulnerable women, most of whom were prostitutes and/or drug addicts. A boxer in his day, Little beat and strangled his victims to death. He was already behind bars for three murders when he confessed to FBI investigators about a further 90 killings. So far, 50 of these murders have been verified by the authorities – and there are compelling reasons to believe that this remorseless sex-killer is telling the truth about the others. As it stands his victim total is greater than that of Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy combined. Read “America’s Most Evil –FBI: ‘This Is America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer’” in this issue for the full story.

New series “Hanged At Crumlin Road Prison”, starting this issue, will chart the 17 executions that took place at the famous Belfast institution. Today “the Crum,” as the Victorian-era building was known, is a successful visitor attraction, entertainment venue and conference centre. The gaol closed in 1996, but during its active years, 17 men were executed there by hanging, their bodies buried within the prison walls. Of those 17 executions, 15 were for criminal murder, one for a semi-political killing, and one for political action which resulted in the death of an RUC member.

Highlights this issue include:

* Family-Killer’s Chilling “To-Do” List

* America’s Most Evil: FBI: “This Is America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer”

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: The Killer Who Came To Tea

* New Series: Hanged At Crumlin Road Prison – Part 1

* Judge, Jury…And Executioner

* Hanged In Australia: “Die Like A Kelly,” Said Notorious Outlaw’s Mother

* Irish Garda Murdered His Brother Officer

* Questions & Answers: The Reverend And The Choir Singer

* Execution USA


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