True Detective January 2018


The death of brave former Birmingham estate agent and one-time Michael Sams captive Stephanie Slater last September was a poignant moment. Here was a woman who had shown incredible courage during more than a week incarcerated against her will by an evil, one-legged killer. By Stephanie’s own admission, her ordeal at the hands of Sams in January 1992 ruined the next 20 years of her life. But did it, as a devastated close friend of Stephanie’s commented when news of her passing emerged, actually play a part in her death from cancer, aged 50? According to scientists, stress can cause a number of physical health problems but evidence that it can lead to the onset of cancer remains weak. Nevertheless, the fact remains that this admirable woman has left us far earlier than her life expectancy whilst her cruel torturer remains incarcerated. Should Stephanie’s early death be born in mind by parole officers in the event of the ageing Sams ever being considered fit for release?

America’s Most Evil – Spurned Lover Killed 87 recalls the black day in 1990 when so many lives were lost at the Happy Land social club in the city’s Bronx district. All were victims of one man, Julio Gonzalez, who set the venue on fire as a petty act of revenge. Extraordinarily, his heinous act happened to fall on the same date – March 25th – as another devastating fire, in 1911, that killed 146 New Yorkers.

Talking of coincidences, don’t miss the time-leaping tale of The Two Margaret Allens, in which the worlds of wartime Lancashire and Noughties Florida collide…

Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

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