True Detective January 2016

True Detective January 2016


Does a mass murderer deserve to be executed for his crimes, or is life imprisonment the greater?


Does a mass murderer deserve to be executed for his crimes, or is life imprisonment the greater – and most appropriate – punishment? This was the question facing jurors at the trial of James Holmes, the American spree killer who murdered 12 people and injured more than 50 others, turning a cinema in Denver into a slaughterhouse, then claiming a defence of insanity. Not surprisingly, his 2012 outrage sparked debate about Second Amendment rights in Colorado – yet sales of weapons increased in the days after the outrage.

Crimes That Made The Headlines, focuses on vagrant Kieran Kelly, believed to be Ireland’s only known serial killer, most of whose victims were passengers on the London Underground. The extent of his murderous activity was allegedly covered up by the authorities to avoid mass public panic. Only recently has Kelly been receiving the press attention his heinous acts merited.

When the “Queen of True Crime” Ann Rule died in July 2015 the world lost a great writer – and True Detective one of its brilliant former contributors. Now, in tribute to Ann, TD has searched its archive for a new series, The Early Cases Of Ann Rule. The first of these, The Tanya Adams Murders.

Get ready for some terrific international cases from the past as we launch a second new series, Commonwealth Of Killing. We begin on page 20 with a double-length tale from South Africa – The Woman Hanged By Her Tongue – and there’ll be more startling cases over the coming months.
Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

  • TD’s Crime Photos/Prize Competition
  • Murders Of The Batman Maniac
  • Crimes That Made The Headlines: “Ireland’s Only Known Serial Killer” – Amok In London
  • Your Letters More of your views
  • New Series – The Early Cases Of Ann Rule: The Tanya Adams Murders
  • Make A Break: Wordsearch
  • New Series – Commonwealth Of Killing The Woman Hanged By Her Tongue
  • Ireland’s Road Map To Murder: Eight Cases From County Fermanagh
  • “The Hitch-hiker Did It”
  • Questions & Answers: Sex At The Football Ground – But Who Strangled Agnes?
  • Execution USA
  • Hanged For Murder: Who Put The Doctor’s Body In The Ditch?

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