True Detective January 2014


It’s difficult to know where to start in this 12-story, extra-pages issue

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It’s difficult to know where to start in this 12-story, extra-pages issue, as it presents a remarkable array of major cases including those of Dr. Harold Shipman and one of America’s Most Wanted – mobster James "Whitey" Bulger…

It also features a case which gripped the state of North Carolina and indeed much of the US. Could it possibly be true that an elderly church-going grandmother and a hard-working Christian woman was really responsible for the agonising arsenic deaths of the very people she claimed to hold so dear? After nearly four weeks of deliberation in November 1990 a jury decided that she was and decreed that she must die for her crimes in the state’s death chamber. Twenty-three years later, however, a now 80-year-old murderess – who steadfastly maintains her innocence – still resides on Death Row awaiting her date with the executioner – another incredible case in our series America’s Most Evil.

Clifton Lodge near Athboy in County Meath, Ireland, dates from the 1730s and in 1913 its estate of nearly 200 acres boasted a large lake, a cricket pitch, tennis courts, gardens, orchards and paddocks. Nothing too surprising about that, you might say – until you read Ireland’s mystery of the murdered Japanese servant and discover how an unusual stranger courted controversy in a land far away from his own and sadly paid for it with his life.

What other stories lie inside this issue?

* Mother kills her son on Christmas Day
* Crimes That Made The Headlines Part 15: Why the doctor turned to murder
* Your Letters
* America’s Most Evil: 80 Years old and still on Death Row
* Ireland’s mystery of the murdered Japanese servant
* Crime Observer
* The Devil’s Contract: The Whitey Bulger story
* Execution USA
* Under The Spotlight: Will life still mean life for these killers?
* Make A Break: Crossword
* Living With The Dead: Murder by motor
* Teens kill Cassie to make a horror movie
* Prison killers drank hot chocolate after throttling fellow-inmate
* Questions & Answers: Necrophiliac preacher’s fatal fantasy
* TD’s Crime Photos/ Prize Competition…and much more

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