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All Eastbourne was agog in July 1956 when it was learned that detectives were looking into the death of 50-year-old Mrs. Gertrude Hullett

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All Eastbourne was agog in July 1956 when it was learned that detectives were looking into the death of 50-year-old Mrs. Gertrude Hullett, a wealthy widow whose second husband had died four months earlier.

Gertrude was just one of many patients of Dr. John Bodkin Adams and she left him not only her Rolls Royce but also £1,000 to buy an MG sports car. Obviously Dr. Adams had a way with women. The good doctor also liked money. But then don’t we all? However, Dr. Adams liked money so much that he was never known to turn away legacies from “grateful” patients. He eagerly accepted them all, and this was unwise as you will see when you read Yard Probes Mass Poisonings. The case is part 3 of the series Crimes That Made The Headlines.

Five million copies of Jay Anson’s book The Amityville Horror were sold worldwide and the subsequent 1979 film version grossed a fortune. Published in 1977, the book proudly claimed to be a true story of the strange and terrifying occult forces that drove a family from their New York home.

Down the years further books and films have abounded. But while the haunting at the house has always been disputed, the slaughter has always remained a fact. Though Ronald DeFeo has never confessed to the murders of the other six members of his family, it seems most likely that he, rather than an evil force, is solely responsible for what happened that night almost 40 years ago.

This month we begin a new series on the criminals for whom a life sentence really does mean that – life. They are almost certain never to be released, their days of freedom gone forever. They await their death through ill health or old age. This month we describe three horrific murders whose perpetrator is now in his 70s. The Wedding Day Massacre – it’s part 1 of Killers Who Will Die In Prison.

The four prison officers who found the body of Mitchell Dean Harrison lying dead in a pool of blood were so traumatised that they needed time off to recover. “You are trained to expect violence but nothing like that,” said a colleague. See over the page for a murder shocker from Frankland Prison, Durham.

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