True Detective January 2010


Where to start in a bumper, 60-page issue? Perhaps a good place for the world’s No. 1 true crime magazine

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Where to start in a bumper, 60-page issue? Perhaps a good place for the world’s No. 1 true crime magazine is on the gallows. It was Dr. Johnson who said, “The knowledge that he is to be hanged in the morning concentrates a man’s mind wonderfully.” This was certainly true of Timothy Faherty as he sat in the death cell at New Bailey Prison, Manchester. In a few hours he would be swinging lifelessly from the end of a rope, his punishment for the murder of Mary Hanmer. His fist tightened at the memory of how she had scorned and mocked him – if only she had behaved properly towards him the whole sorry affair would never have happened.

No one will ever know whether William O’Shea frightened Tommy White into killing for him – or whether the men had feelings for each other they were aware of but afraid to admit in the repressive atmosphere of rural County Wexford, Ireland, in the 1940s. Confronted by the law, however, they were quick to betray each other. The Plot To Murder A Loving Wife, this month’s Classic Irish Murder Case.

He was deadly, desperate and wanted by the police all over the US – and True Detective was instrumental in his capture.

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* TD’s Crime Photos/ Prize Competition
* Talented “Mr. Ripley” Was A Gay Con-Man Killer
* How Ice Caught The “CSI Killer”
* Your Letters More of your views
* Durham’s Murder Of Blind Uncle Billy
* Classic Irish Murder Cases: The Plot To Murder A Loving Wife
* The World’s Worst Killers
* Under The Spotlight: Violet – Scullery Maid To Millionaire Militant
* America’s Most Evil: The Manson Massacres Part 2
* Women In Crime Part 2: Queen Of Crooks
* Execution USA
* Crime Observer
* Murder Of The Girl From Galway
* Readers’ Jury
* The Spilsbury Secrets Part 9
* When True Detective Captured John Dillinger Chief C.A. Wollard with J.F. Weadock
* Hanged At Strangeways Part 8
* Questions & Answers: Dennis Skillicorn – The Full Story

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