True Detective January 2008


Dear reader Welcome to an extraordinary issue of True Detective – extraordinary because, for the first time in its 57…

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Dear reader

Welcome to an extraordinary issue of True Detective – extraordinary because, for the first time in its 57-year history, it has a guest editor. And it’s me! Working closely with the magazine’s editorial team, I’ve put together an issue that’s packed with intriguing cases and eye-popping pictures, plus all the regulars you’ve come to expect from the world’s number one true crime magazine, along with some special features you won’t have seen before. More about those in a moment.

Why am I guest-editing this issue of TD? Because I have a lifelong interest in true crime – and there’s no other magazine in the world that is doing more to get the true stories out into the open, preserve these fascinating tales and build a comprehensive archive of true crime pictures, than True Detective and its sister magazines. Sometimes, when people find out I’m interested in true crime – like when “London Capital Murders” was my specialist subject on Celebrity Mastermind – they can’t understand why. Some suggest there’s something slightly odd, or even sinister, about it. But I believe there’s nothing creepy or abnormal about being fascinated by crime and criminals – simply a belief in justice, a healthy interest in learning from the mistakes of the past and a fascination with the ingenuity, determination and courage of detectives and police officers around the world. I salute them, and I commend True Detective and its sister magazines to you.

I’ve been having the time of my life delving into True Crime Library’s archives and picking stories for this issue. And I’ve invited along some of my friends to take part too – in the shape of eight of Britain’s foremost experts on true crime topics. You’ll already know the names of most of them, either from TD or from true crime books and TV programmes. For this special issue I’ve asked each to come up with a list of fascinating crime facts, cases, people or places, and you’ll find them scattered throughout the issue under the heading “Crime Expert.”

What’s more, we’ve had to add extra pages to this issue to hold all these extras, so you’re getting even more for your money.

Now we’ve put the finishing touches to this special issue, it’s up to you, dear reader. Devour it – enjoy it – and above all, let us know what you think of it.

Best wishes Jeremy Beadle

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