True Detective January 1991


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In Victorian times, advertisments asking for domestic servants would frequently specifiy, "No followers." Girls going into domestic service who had a bevy of admirers could generally be counted on to make trouble in a well-ordered household. it was not, as is so frequently supposed, because the Victorians were prudishly concerned with chastity, but more because of their acute awareness of the dangers of romantic liaisons. The Reverend John Plow realised too late that a maid in serivce had formed an attachment with a very aggresive and dangerous suitor indeed – with tragic consequences for everyone in his Yorkshire home!

In 1921, Boston police were baffled by the superstitious motive behind the knifing of a Chinese student in Chinatown. The gruesome murder and its possible repercussions ensured that the investigation, continually hampered by witnesses unable or afraid to speak English, was proceeded with in all urgency. Frear of an outbreak of a bloody Tong war in the heart of Boston blinded everyone to the possibility of a private vendetta.

Horrors Of The Lynch Mobs this month deals with a rape – but the attacker had only the smallest idea he was doing anything wrong! His shock when the lynch mob caught up with him was matched only by his amazement that he could be considered guilty of an offence worth speaking of, let alone hanging him for it!

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