True Detective January 1989


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Was George Chapman Jack the Ripper? Certainly Inspector Abberline believed he was! (Interesting to note how widely Abberline’s name has become known since Michael Caine portrayed the detective in ITV’s Jack the Ripper!)In our first story we draw very interesting parallels between the Polish immigrant and the Whitechapel killer. There is also the coincidence regarding the name "Chapman". Severin Klosowski took the name from Annie Chapman, one of his mistresses, and in Neal Shelden’s prolific research into the backgrounds of the Ripper victimns, which, gives us an insight into the drab and impoverished lives of these women, we learn how another Annie Chapman got her name and why she ended up on the streets of London’s East End only to be murdered by Jack the Ripper! A coincidence indeed!

We like to think that today, our scientific advancemenet in the solving of crimes like those of Jack the Ripper would not permit an everlasing mystery, but of course, there have been similar killers who have been able to evade capture. As times goes on, we are even less likely to be able to come up with the truth behind the identity of the vallain who terrorised London, but you can mull over Neal Sheldon’s new facts and get a clearer picture of those times.

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