True Detective February 2022


He was responsible for the biggest mass murder in British criminal history, yet the heinous work of John Thompson remains little known. Why? Was there a misconception that all the victims were foreign or illegal immigrants and therefore mattered less to the British public? The Scotsman was 42 years old when, on a drunken night out in central London, he decided to exact revenge after being thrown out of a club. His deadly arson attack at the Spanish Rooms in Denmark Place claimed the lives of 37 people. Yet his trial in 1981 was quickly knocked off the front pages by the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, who had finally found himself in court facing justice. Neither killer would ever taste freedom again, following their convictions at the Old Bailey. Read “Crimes That Made The Headlines – 37 Died In The Massacre That Time Forgot” for the full story.

Anyone ill enough to need treatment in hospital expects staff to be doing everything to help. Doctors and nurses, especially. Pity the poor souls, then, who crossed paths with Texas hospital nurse William Davis. Find out more in this issue’s “America’s Most Evil – Twisted Nurse Enjoyed Watching His Patients Die”.

Next, to the Channel Islands and a new case report requested by a reader: “Questions & Answers – The Last Woman Sentenced To Death On Guernsey”.

Highlights this issue include:

* Why Sex-Predator Couple Snatched And Killed Melissa
* Crimes That Made The Headlines: 37 Died In The Massacre That Time Forgot
* America’s Most Evil: Twisted Nurse Enjoyed Watching Patients Die
* Hanged In Australia: Australia’s First Serial Killer
* Execution USA
* Hanged In Wales: Florence And A Stepfather’s Secret
* How Catherine’s Showbiz Dreams Turned Into A Broadway Tragedy
* Questions & Answers: The Last Woman Sentenced To Death On Guernsey
* Murder Of A Village Bobby

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