True Detective February 2021

True Detective February 2021


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In August 2008 bankrupt millionaire Christopher Foster shot dead his wife and daughter, turned his mansion home into an inferno and killed himself. The events at the well-to-do village of Maesbrook, Shropshire, shocked the nation. However, by 2010 many wondered whether the tragedy of this self-made family man choosing to destroy everything had started something of a trend. In this issue, “Crimes That Made The Headlines – Wife And Daughter Die In Shropshire Tragedy” features three post-Foster cases from a similar geographic area that bear remarkably similar traits, beginning with an almost identical tragedy in Oswestry in 2010.

In “America’s Most Evil – Lethal Gift To Wipe Out His In-Laws”, we look at the shocking case of mass-killer Danny Crump. His family were surprised when Crump was charged with six counts of murder after an explosion that destroyed a family home in a middle-class suburb of Olathe, Kansas. Investigators were looking for a motive. Crump had lost a custody battle over his son – and his bitterness had boiled over into murder.

And we visit County Armagh for a fascinating case – Murder At The Wedding – featuring a killer whose eventful life didn’t end with his conviction.

Highlights this issue include:

* “I’m Going To Kill My Folks”

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Wife And Daughter Die In Shropshire Tragedy

* America’s Most Evil: Lethal Gift To Wipe Out His In-Laws

* Questions & Answers: Dominoes And Death At The Hour Glass

* Hanged In Australia: “We’ve Both Been Shot”

* Wandsworth’s Days Of Hanging, Part 5

* Murder At The Wedding

* Murder At The President’s Ball

* Hammer-Killer Freed “To Satisfy His Sexual Needs”

* Execution USA

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