True Detective February 2020

True Detective February 2020


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Jeremy Bamber. Is he one of Britain’s most notorious spree-killers, or the victim of a long-running miscarriage of justice? He’d like you to believe the latter, but is there really any basis for re-examining his conviction? Does his supposed “new evidence” hold water?

The courts have still to decide. Certainly, if Bamber’s conviction for the slaughter of five family members in 1985 were to be overturned, it would be a seismic event in the history of British murder cases. To understand just how seismic, though, you need to know the full story of the murders, the investigation, the trial and Bamber’s subsequent attempts to prove his innocence. That, in a nutshell, is what you’ll find in this month’s “Crimes That Made The Headlines.”

This issue’s “America’s Most Evil” focuses on a particularly bizarre and unsettling case, that of Charles Albright, known as “The Eyeball Killer.” Our report opens with a pathologist examining the body of a murder victim and preparing to look at the condition of the eyes. Opening one stiffening eyelid, she’s startled to see only muscle and gore – no eye. Moving to the other eye, she opens the lid and sees the same thing. “My God!” she exclaims. “They’re gone!” Expect a fascinating look into the psyche of the killer who had to mutilate his victims in this way…

There’s an Irish flavour to this issue, too, with part two of our new series “Hanged At Crumlin Road Prison” plus a case that made headlines on both sides of the Irish Sea in its day but is little-known today: the “Strange Affair Of Mr. Boyd And The Phelan Brothers”.

Highlights of this issue include:

* Army Lovers Plotted New Year Murder

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Will Bamber Go Free?

* America’s Most Evil: The Eyeball Killer

* Hanged In Australia: “I Shot Little Ivy – I Must Have Been Mad”

* Hanged At Crumlin Road Prison – Part 2

* Wife And Her Lover Conspired To Kill Bill

* The Deadly Man Nicole Met On the Phone

* Questions & Answers: Barnsley’s Wartime Fairground Murder

* Execution USA

* Strange Affair Of Mr. Boyd And The Phelan Brothers

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