True Detective February 2018

True Detective February 2018


For nearly two years the death of vulnerable 58-year-old Londoner Peter Fasoli was recorded as an accident…


For nearly two years the death of vulnerable 58-year-old Londoner Peter Fasoli was recorded as an accident – until a relative discovered CCTV footage of his horrific torture-murder on the victim’s computer. Investigators had thought that the computer repair man had been a victim of smoke-inhalation, following a fire at his home in Northolt, west London, in January 2013. In fact, the fire was arson, started by Mr. Fasoli’s sadistic killer, Jason Marshall (above, right), who fled to Rome after strangling him and then suffocating him with clingfilm. Marshall, who had met Mr. Fasoli through a gay dating app, went on to murder another man in Italy and nearly killed a third man before he was brought to justice. Not surprisingly, the case has raised many concerns over the investigation into Mr. Fasoli’s death.

In Crimes That Made The Headlines – He Murdered A Policeman, we recall the shocking events that stunned the Kent Medway town of Chatham in June 1951. Alan Poole was a young man who walked and talked like a gangster and who’d just gone AWOL from the Army with stolen guns and ammunition. It was a potent combination which would have tragic consequences…

Part Three of 120 Were Hanged At Pentonville, looks at 10 more classic cases, including poisoner Frederick Seddon and French butcher Louis Voisin, plus the controversial execution of Sir Roger Casement.
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