True Detective February 2017

True Detective February 2017


When Gloucestershire woman Caroline Roberts died aged 61 last year…


When Gloucestershire woman Caroline Roberts died aged 61 last year, after a short illness, Britain lost a brave individual. As a teenager, Caroline, née Owens, had been abducted, tortured and raped by Fred and Rose West – crimes for which they were never properly punished. Fortunately, Caroline managed to escape the depraved pair, who had, it later transpired, both already killed and between them went on to murder at least 12 victims, many of whom were buried in the basement at 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester.

Caroline’s ordeal at the “House of Horror” resulted in a court appearance and fines for the Wests on charges of indecent assault and actual bodily harm, but as their victim didn’t pursue a rape charge, nothing more. She later wrote a book, The Lost Girl, later reprinted as The One That Got Away, about her life and ordeal. By way of tribute to Caroline, who went on to work for the drug and alcohol services in Gloucestershire, we’re publishing an extract from her book alongside an interview she gave to writer Louise Pearce.

“I Was Abducted By Fred And Rose,”  gives a vivid insight into the life and minds of Britain’s most notorious killer couple, and raises certain questions, too. Was Caroline’s ordeal taken seriously enough by the authorities? And would greater scrutiny of the Wests have stopped them in their tracks? Lynda Gough, their first known victim, was murdered just three months after Fred and Rose’s appearance at Gloucester Magistrates’ Court.
Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

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