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Oscar Pistorius used to be best known for his incredible sporting achievements on the athletics track. Now,

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Oscar Pistorius used to be best known for his incredible sporting achievements on the athletics track. Now, though, it’s a different story. Life was looking great for the Paralympian gold medallist in the early weeks of 2013. He was dating the beautiful South African model Reeva Steenkamp (right) and the sponsorship money was rolling in. He was famous across the globe, hero-worshipped at home and living in a luxury pad in Pretoria. But the idol had a dark side – and, on Valentine’s night, his world came crashing down in the most shocking fashion as he turned killer. Now behind bars for the “culpable homicide” of Reeva, he could yet find his sentence increased. Prosecutors who charged him with murder remain unhappy. Where will it all end?

Dr. Who has delighted generations of viewers and cast some fine actors too as foes or otherwise of the charismatic Timelord. Peter Arne, a familiar face in films and TV for 40 years, was all set to bring his talents to the show in 1983 when he was brutally murdered after a costume fitting at the BBC.

Look out for the second part of True Detective’s Diary Of Murder. This month, we take a look at crimes with a link to February to intrigue and enthrall. From John Lee, “The Man They Could Not Hang,” to Karla Faye Tucker, Lock Ah Tam, Dennis Nilsen, Gordon Cummins, Lionel Williams, John George Haigh and more, the series spans the decades – and adds up to a fascinating read.

“A killer who cooked and ate a man’s brains with a knob of margarine on a plate had been adjudged as harmless and given as much freedom as he wanted only hours before his horrific crime…” How could that have been allowed to happen?

June 17th, 1954, is a significant date in British legal history. Why? Because that was when Britain’s last double execution took place. The last in the current series of Partners In Crime and the murder case that put Ian Grant and Kenneth Gilbert side by side on the gallows at Pentonville Prison.

Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

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