True Detective February 2004


Hanging – the debate that won’t go away.

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For many years readers have shared their views on many aspects of crime and detection. Now Readers’ Jury gives you more of a chance to tell us what you think about major subjects of the day. Is zero tolerance to drug use the answer or will it just drive criminals further underground? What do you think?

There are some strange stories this month and some really weird situations. Multi-millionaire Robert Durst for example was born into a life of luxury, but he was always dogged by bad luck. His wife mysteriously disappeared. He was suspected of murdering his best friend, then parts of his next door neighbour, who he had dismembered, began to turn up. He was arrested walking out of a supermarket without paying for a chicken sandwich and a packet of plasters, one of which he had stuck under his nose.

Another strange tale comes from Tenerife. Harald Alexander and his son Frank were dishevelled by their exertions of the morning, but now they had a story to tell. "Sabine, dear," said Harald, "we wanted you to know at once, Frank and I have just finishing killing your mother and your sisters." Sabine smiled. "That’s wonderful," she said, "thank you for coming to tell me."

From France TD unearths a classic case, with a new twist. Over 50 years ago French peasant farmer Gaston Dominici was jailed for life for the murder of a distinguished British civil servant and his family. But now there’s a new theory which suggests he was a Cold ar spy, murdered by the Soviets.

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"We Want You To Know Frank And I Have Just Finished Killing Your Mother And Sisters"

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