True Detective February 1993


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In the considerable murder archives of True Detective are some gems of crime stories never before published in this country. Such is our case from Romania before communism. Why would three men, two professors and a mathematics student, conspire to murder the daughter of a turkey-farmer, and kill her father too? It’s a highly unusal case with some very interesting ingredients including the sex war and the class war – motives which equate well with some of the modern American cases that have been presented to you through our pages!

Those readers who have been following the Florence Maybrick story will probably be relieved that conditions in prison have undergone a complete transformation since her sojourn behind bars. While there will undoubtedly be complaints from those in the know about current conditions, a period of nine months in solitary confinement at the beginning of a sentence of penal servitude for life no longer applies. However, some aspects of the judicial process certainly have not changed – and that makes very uncomfortable reading indeed! Compare some of the cases Mrs. Maybrick cites as scandalous miscarriages of justice: George Edalji, whom aficionados will recall was a victim of racial prejudice; Adolf Beck, who was not so much a victim of mistaken identity as of corruption and secrecy. How many of these victims of British injustice could find their equivalent today! Plenty. And what has been done in the past hundred years or so to prevent such things happening? Nothing…

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