True Detective December 2013


“I’m wanted by the police and I’ve just done two coppers,” the man calmly told the officer at the counter…

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“I’m wanted by the police and I’ve just done two coppers,” the man calmly told the officer at the counter, extending his arms to be handcuffed and saying that he had come to hand himself in. “I dropped the gun at the scene, and I’ve murdered two police officers. You were hounding my family so I took it out on you.” The double-murder was in response to the hunt that had been launched for the man following his slaying of two men in a gangland feud. Incredible as it may seem, the setting was not some run-down, crime-infested US city but Manchester, England, in 2012.

Had Hailey Sisco actually been there the scene would have torn her to pieces: her own mother on her knees, cornered like some wild animal by heavily-armed cops. But this was the outcome she had been working towards for more than 10 years. Yet when it finally arrived Hailey hardly knew whether to weep tears of sorrow or relief. For she knew her mother had murdered her father and his fiancée – and she was determined to prove it.

Britain in the 1950s was a very different world to today and when some Indian hemp, or marijuana as it is now called, was found at the scene of a brutal murder the police realised that they had found their motive in a case that had no precedent. The victim, who bled to death from a knife wound, must have been a drug dealer…

Richard Bauf was born in Ireland to parents who were violent criminals. At a very early age he began to accompany them on their forays, learning his criminal trade on the outskirts of Dublin. But Bauf failed to heed even the sternest warnings, although nothing could have been more horrific than the lesson authorities tried to teach him…

* TD’s Crime Photos/ Prize Competition
* Killers Who Will Die In Prison – Part 12: One-eyed maniac dressed up to murder
* From London: When the drug wars began
* A daughter’s Fight For Justice: “My mom was the killer”
* Questions & Answers: A nasty taste of mushrooms
* From Ireland: The boy who hanged his parents
* Living With The Dead: The killing of “Russian Robert,” a prostitute’s pad & the murder that never was
* Execution USA
* Crimes That Made The Headlines – Part 14: Death at the Savoy – Legal triumph or Royal cover-up?
* Christmas night horror of the disembowelled date
* Plus: Your Letters, Readers’ Jury, Make A Break: Crossword and much more

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