True Detective December 2012

True Detective December 2012


As he swayed across the stage with David Bowie in rock extravaganzas in Britain and the US

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As he swayed across the stage with David Bowie in rock extravaganzas in Britain and the US no one in the audience – not even Bowie himself – would have known the strange and terrible secret Sean Mayes was hiding from the world. By 1972 Mayes was a talented musician, highly rated by Bowie, going on to support him on the US leg of the Ziggy Stardust tour. But Mayes harboured a secret, a dark secret that he kept hidden for 23 years until the time when, suffering from AIDS, he had just months to live…

As one of the film industry’s most famously indestructible supermen, stuntman Garrett Warren was used to leaping off tall buildings and crashing high-speed cars. It was all in a day’s work. He had survived countless bullets, explosions and bloodthirsty assailants in movies such as Avatar and Mission Impossible while earning many friends in the business such as Steven Spielberg, Johnny Depp and Daniel Craig. But nothing could have prepared him for what happened one Saturday evening in May 2000 at his home in the mountains above Los Angeles. Did Joe Pesci’s Ex-Wife Hire A Hit-Man?

The door was only just ajar and a man’s arm was stretching out from behind it, his hand holding out twopence as he told a young lad to fetch two candles. The boy did, returning with them and putting them in the mysterious outstretched hand which then withdrew, the door closing. See page 43 for The Strange Case Of The Two Candles and the conclusion to our series Last Executions In Ireland.
“Randy was loved by us all,” said vicar David Love, launching into his eulogy. “He was a wonderful father, husband and son. We may never understand, however much we turn to God to explain, what happened to him, and why…” As events unfolded people would remember these words with outraged incredulity and fury.

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