True Detective December 2010

True Detective December 2010


Depriving little children of life for sheer sexual gratification is the vilest crime in the criminal catalogue

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Mark Chapman was a young man who thought he was on a mission. Was it a saintly one or a satanic one, he wondered? The question was causing a conflict inside him. Then on the chilly night of December 8th, 1980, Chapman finally resolved the dispute raging in his mind. “I’ve been going through torment – a struggle between good and evil, between right and wrong. I just gave in,” he told a priest later. It was a satanic mission.
Depriving little children of life for sheer sexual gratification is the vilest crime in the criminal catalogue and this is often reflected by the attitude of ordinary prisoners who abhor having such individuals among them. Yet Raymond appeared to be so normal to those around him. He was a hard worker, a non-smoker, intelligent, vain, played the piano and wrote poetry. However, by the time his world started crumbling around his ears in February 1969, Raymond had been shown to be a pervert, a sadist and a child-killer, a psychopath classified too dangerous ever to be released. The full story surrounding The Beast Of Cannock Chase – a man who is still in prison to this day.

They stalked their prey together, embarking on a career that was to earn them the title of Scotland’s most dangerous paedophiles. But they failed to hoodwink Allison McGarrigle, a petite mother of three. “I know what you’re up to and I’ll make sure I see what’s coming to you,” she angrily told them shortly before she disappeared. And she kept her word, although not in the flesh…

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