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Hangman James Berry disliked making trips to Ireland, always feeling unsafe whenever he crossed the Irish Sea.

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Hangman James Berry disliked making trips to Ireland, always feeling unsafe whenever he crossed the Irish Sea. As an Englishman travelling to execute an Irishman, there was little liking for him among the public, prison officials or the police. “The people of Ireland hated me like poison,” Berry said in his memoirs. And Berry’s first two “jobs” of 1886 were in Ireland…the story of a triple-killer from Castletown Roche, County Cork, Berry’s second job of the year.

Annie’s wedding to Phelim Hanly in County Roscommon, Ireland, in February 1933 began badly. Just days in she wanted to end the marriage there and then. She insulted her in-laws and told anyone who would listen how much she disliked her husband. The situation deteriorated rapidly to such an extent that by March 1934 Annie found herself in Dublin’s Central Criminal Court charged with Phelim’s murder. But did she really poison him?

Forty years ago this year, Charles Manson programmed his followers to go out and kill for him. They did. They committed the shocking Tate/La Bianca murders and by so doing carved a name for themselves in the annals of crime. In this month in America’s Most Evil beginning on page 8 we publish part 1 of these incredible crimes. Coincidentally, in November this year Charles Manson turned 75. Chances are he spent it alone in his cell at the high-security Corcoran State Prison in California…

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