True Detective August 2019

True Detective August 2019


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Read the full, incredible story of Kalinka Bamberski, a French teenager who died in 1982 in the house of her German stepfather, Dr. Dieter Krombach

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French teenager Kalinka Bamberski was the picture of health when she went to stay at the southern Bavaria lakeside villa of her German stepfather Dr. Dieter Krombach in the summer of 1982. She was looking forward to returning to the warmer climes of southern France, but she would never make it there. After she was found dead on her bed, many questions remained unanswered. Had Dr. Krombach raped and killed her? Read Dr. Death Gives Stepdaughter Lethal Injection for the full, incredible story.

Wartime Britain was far from the safest place to live, so by 1946 and with peace having broken out cattle-dealer John Whatman probably thought life would be on the up. Sadly for him, it was not to be. When he was found shot dead at his isolated farm in the Sussex village of Hollington, Scotland Yard’s finest were brought in to catch his killer. Could the wintry weather play a part in tracking down the culprit? Check out Crimes That Made The Headlines – Footprints In The Snow Were Murder Clue to find out how.

When a group of men were picked up by a British freighter off the coast of Brazil they told a tale of being shipwrecked. The truth was that a bloody mutiny had taken place – and a court in Liverpool would decide who was responsible. Read Hanged At Liverpool – Mass Murder On The Ship Of Horror.

Finally, take a trip down under for two Australian cases. Questions and Answers – Melbourne’s Monster Demanded Sex Change looks at the horrific case of Paul Denyer. Hanged In Australia focuses on the extraordinary tale of Henry Haynes, a killer like no other…

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Dr. Death Gives Stepdaughter Lethal Injection

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Crimes That Made The Headlines:
Footprints In The Snow Were Murder Clue

America’s Most Evil:
Serial Killer’s Decade-Long Sex Rampage

Hanged At Liverpool – Part 8:
Under The Spotlight: “Can I Dig My Girlfriend Up?”

Questions & Answers:
Melbourne Monster Demanded Sex Change

Tragic Affair Of The Widow And The Sikh

Hanged In Australia:
Perth Killer’s Life Had Been Spared By English Jury

Brother And Sister Sent Down For Coffee Bar Killing

Execution USA

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