True Detective August 2017

True Detective August 2017


The Cambridge Rapist – How He Terrified The City,


Cambridge, the world-renowned English university city best-known for its bright students and boating, became a place of fear during the mid-1970s. At large was a devious sex-attacker who carried out a series of nightly rapes, mostly on female students in their bedsits and flats. The rapist wore a terrifying mask emblazoned with the word “RAPIST” when he struck. He became the subject of one of Britain’s biggest-ever manhunts as he continued to evade capture. Turn to Crimes That Made The Headlines, The Cambridge Rapist – How He Terrified The City, for the full shocking story.

In Questions & Answers, Who Put The Poison In The Chocolate Creams? we take a look at the classic poisoning case, requested by a reader, that shocked the Brighton of 1871. Four-year-old Sidney Barker died after eating chocolates bought from a local confectioner’s shop. “He got worse and worse. His face became black and he rolled about and seemed in great pain,” said the the boy’s mother at his inquest. But the poisoner’s work was far from over…

In America’s Most Evil we look at the heinous crimes of Texan serial killer Kenneth McDuff, a man released from Death Row after a triple-murder who went on to kill again before being condemned to die a second time. Look for The Texas Broomstick Killer for the full story.

Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

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