True Detective August 2014


An unpaid cheque for just over two thousand dollars to America’s Internal Revenue Service was the straw that…

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An unpaid cheque for just over two thousand dollars to America’s Internal Revenue Service was the straw that broke the back of Thomas Mortimer’s psyche. And his wife, his two young children and his mother-in-law paid with their lives. Mortimer “one of the nicest people you could wish to meet,” according to his devastated parents – had become the sole breadwinner after his wife Laura had taken time out from her career as an economist to raise the children. And when Thomas lost his job as a software salesman, depression struck with tragic consequences. Family Slaughtered Over Unpaid Cheque, the case that shocked the swanky Boston suburb of Winchester, Massachusetts…

Our investigation into killings in the Emerald Isle continues with the second part of our comprehensive new series Ireland’s Road Map To Murder. This month we feature cases from County Waterford and County Kilkenny. Don’t miss it.

We go back to the Victorian era in this month’s Under The Spotlight, Did Florence Poison James? When we give our take in words and pictures on the sensational case of the Liverpool cotton merchant – and Ripper suspect – James Maybrick (left) and his younger American wife Florence.

Fifty years ago this month, the last two men to be executed in Britain before capital punishment was abolished were hanged. To many Peter Anthony Allen and Gwynnne Owen Evans got what they deserved; to others they were the unluckiest of convicts. Read all about the duo – and the crime that sent them to the gallows – Partners In Crime And Death: Cumberland Killers Were Last To Hang. In this article, too, we list those sentenced to death for murder after the last executions in August 1964 – killers who were condemned but spared the ultimate penalty. Fascinating stuff.

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