True Detective August 1990


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A hundred years ago this month, the electric chair was invented.

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A hundred years ago this month, the electric chair was invented. It has been the throne of America’s worst villains ever since, and its controversial history is still in the making. A man once survived the experience of a bungled execution, and one woman became famous in the throes of death after a reporter with a camera strapped to his ankle sneakily photographed her in the electric chair after the switch had been thrown. Your hair will stand on end as you read ‘100 Years Of The Electric Chair’, because there are plenty more shocking stories attached to the workings of the death dealing device!

When La Mancha was reported ablaze by the gardener, who spotted the billowing smoke coming from the mansion and knew that the family was inside, everybody thought it was a terrible tragedy, for six people perished. The investigation into the origins of the fire, however, showed that is was no accident. The sinister back to ‘The Malahide Murders’ begins, telling a story of unspeakable malice in the lovely green countryside of Southern Ireland.

Although Ireland has it share of baddies, it still has a long way to go before it can catch up with affluent and sophisticated America, where the motives for killing are less easy to understand, even though sex killing is increasing by the day! Two shockers from the USA this month are ‘Lust Fiend Caught In The Act Of Rape’ and ’22 Years Of Rape And Murder Ended By Prime Time Crime’.

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