True Detective August 1989


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Brian Marriner’s story, Maidenhead Killer Fed His Lover To The Pigs is a gruesome account of a man who sounds like the least ideal lover that any woman could wish for. Rejected several times and unable to take it like a man, he murdered his last girl friend because she, too, wanted to en an unsatisfactory relationship with him. His means of disposing of her, feeding her body to the pigs was an ingenious as it was horrific – but of course, murderers are all amateurs, and apt to make mistakes or miscalculate.

* Maidenhead Killer…Fed His Lover To The Pigs
* American Wife’s Shocking Threat: ‘Kill My Husband Or Your Kids Die!’
* Brighton Wife Cut To Pieces
* Five Victims For Nazi Hunter
* Murder For Love
* Witness For The Prosecution
* Ireland’s ‘Manchester Martyrs’
* Richard Kelly – 186 years for sex beast.
* The ‘Coming-To-America’ Carnage In US Cities!
* Death On Blackpool Sands

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